Apartment renovation; Riverside Tower, Left Bank, Antwerp

The apartment is located in the Riverside Tower on the left bank in Antwerp. The tower was designed by Leon Stynen with Paul de Meyer in 1967. The original floorplan had the bedrooms orientated towards the historical city centre, with the kitchen and living room facing the bend in the river Schelte and which today is dominated by the harbour terminals and industrial complex.

The concept for the renovation was to reorganise the apartment to create a more open and lighter filled space with an open kitchen and living room facing the historic city centre. On the other side, two bedrooms were created, one with an ensuite bathroom and a study with a private out space.

The original lowered ceilings were removed to reveal the main concrete structure. This structure became the grid upon which the new floorplan was organised. The minimal material palette of plastered white walls and ceiling and integrated cabinetry allowed the space to feel maximised with the custom kitchen island seen as a furniture piece in the living room. The kitchen appliances and storage are hidden in the wall and include a walk-in pantry. The bathrooms follow the minimal aesthetic of the living areas with a concrete plaster finish and custom sinks.


Completed 2023