Competition Entry Maassilo Skybox

Maassilo Brand
The proposal seeks to activate two unused qualities of the Maassilo, the large flat roof and the unique view over the Rotterdam skyline by introducing a program that responds to these qualities by expanding on the established Maassilo brand with an additional facilities that can accommodate a diversity of activities as meetings, shortstay accommodation, private dining and exhibition space.

Concept of “The Apartment”
The activities in these rooms are characteristic of residential activities, making the rooms suitable for day and night programs. This has the advantage that an informal atmosphere is created in spaces that are freely configurable and which connect to the other functions in the building.

Cultural values
The design seeks to emphasize the monumental characteristics of the Maassilo by lifting the three volumes and sliding them into the building so that the massive grandeur and monochromatic facade of the Maassilo remains recognizable

Skybox with Lofts
The volumes in which the new program is located follow the shape of the silo so that these structures become visible on the roof surface. These forms are setback from the edge and are in balance with the main structure.

The skybox has a transparent facade to maximise the view and has the advantage that the volume seems to disappear during the day, and at night it functions as a light beacon for the building. As the Skybox is position on the north side of the building, three lightwells are introduced that bring daylight into the skybox and passageway below.

The roof proposal aims to transform the large flat surface into a roof garden with a restaurant, as main attraction, and pavilions, that can be freely programmed to accommodate such activities as exhibitions, private dining, teahouse or greenhouse. All of these elements are connected by a boardwalk that also leads to a vantage point on the roof.


shortlisted to last five