Unique renovation and extension of worker’s house, Amsterdam

For a former worker’s type house in a unique location in Amsterdam, a renovation and extension has been proposed whereby the space of the ground floor has been maximized as much as possible by extending the house into the backyard and incorporating all the functions inside the house in a single element.

The modern extension blurs the boundary between inside and outside by introducing a folding glass wall that can be completely opened to include the garden in the kitchen.

The single element in the room contains storage space, a wardrobe and the staircase accessing the top floor. It is positioned on the ground floor in such a way that the element defines the entrance and living room. In addition, a built-in seat has been created at the front, made of the same material, creating a minimal and spacious design.

The concept of the use of custom-made furniture is continued on the second floor where the bedrooms and bathroom are located. Here, the washbasin, which forms the pivoting point between the rooms is integrated with the stairs allowing diffuse daylight to enter the hallway.

In addition, the renovation allows a sustainable approach by adding high-quality insulation and new installations so that the house is ready for the future.

This project was realized in collaboration with Jeroen Siemens Architect.


Under construction